Partnerships & Advertising

The core of our mission at Methods is to provide our readers with entertaining and valuable lifestyle information that helps them live a happier and healthier life. As such, we’re always looking for ways to connect our audience members with brands and products that we believe match our core philosophy and provide value to our readers.

About our Audience
Through our authenticity and no bullshit approach to writing, we’ve earned the trust of a highly engaged core audience of millennials ages of 25-35. In order to best serve their needs, we built an always-on ecosystem of quality content for Methods that allows us to reach and interact with our readers through three main touch points:

  1. The Website: Home to our core articles and content
  2. The Newsletter: Each week we send out a recap of everything going on in the Methods world to our list of email subscribers. This audience is highly engaged and the newsletter has an open rate about 30% higher than the industry average.
  3. Social Media: We own a network of social media channels for Methods and it’s owners/contributors that give us an incredibly large reach in the same age segment. Furthermore, we work with a number of influencers in various vertical that allow us to focus content on specific interests and categories.

Who we want to work with
The trust of our readers is our number one commitment and each potential partnership is evaluated on it’s ability to positively contribute to the lives of our audience members. With that in mind, if you’re a customer-centric brand interested in helping our audience navigate their way to adulthood in the best way possible, please reach out to to learn more.